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Go way beyond the book (or video) with your own app!

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To truly transform, your audience needs more tools not more teaching. Give them your exact success system with your own custom EVO + Master Class video course.

Think of your EVO as your own app that remixes your expertise – processes, books, podcasts, content, etc. – into a digital tool box that promotes your brand every day.

Who it's for →

Stop waiting & start transforming – Launch your Special Edition EVO for free within 14 days. Sound too good? It's even better.

How it works →

Make $, give $ – EVO gives you an instant ultra high margin digital product without the work. Promote your EVO & make a % of every sale. Give a % to your charity of choice & I'll match it with scholarships.

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"The world's greatest experts are failing us. If success is 1% learning & 99% doing, we need more tools not more teaching. If winning takes work, EVO is the 21st century tool box for personal mastery."

Daniel Bennett

Daniel Bennett, Founder

Apps to transform every audience

EVO is so much more than a curated collection of customizable productivity tools & proven systems to get things done. Your EVO is whatever your audience (& you) need to make every day the best day ever.

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  • MORE


  • Daily Challenges

  • Habit Trackers

  • Wisdom Vaults

  • Knowledge Notebooks

  • Goal Planners

  • Inspiring Quotes & Photos

Pods & YouTubers

  • Knowledge Notebooks

  • Action Guides & Logs

  • Mindset Journals

  • Habit Trackers

  • Learning Archives

  • Daily Challenges


  • Study Notebooks

  • Learning Libraries

  • Goal Pursuit Systems

  • Course Workbooks

  • Book Trackers

  • Practice Journals

Authors & Creators

  • Creator Tools

  • Daily Planners

  • Writing & Craft Journals

  • Portfolios

  • Project Planners

  • Goal Organizers


  • Course Workbooks

  • Habit Trackers

  • Study Notebooks

  • Weekly Planners

  • Goal Organizers

  • Learning Tools


  • Inspiring Quotes & Photos

  • Daily Challenges

  • Habit Trackers

  • Bucket List Organizers

  • Goal Pursuit Planners

  • Photo Journals

Let's do this together.

You've read how it works, right? Next, schedule a no-pressure call to see if there's a fit & we'll go from there.

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Go beyond the book (or video, etc.)

Hey authors – you lose if your self help stays just shelf help. All your wisdom dies on the page unless you give them the tools to turn reading into reality.

Hey podcasters & YouTubers – you're failing your audience. All those knowledge gems you give are instantly lost as soon as they press pause.

Your own EVO is the #1 way to turn learning into living. Plus they'll see your brand every day. Couple ideas...

  • Boost results – Give them your official Knowledge Notebook app to capture & review what they learn
  • Boost brand awareness – Run a daily challenge & give them a Challenge Journal app with daily inspo, lesson, habit tracker & more
  • Boost engagement – Run a weekly "Free Ride Friday" giveaway where a reviewer or commenter wins a free EVO
  • Much more 

(And if you're excited about YouTube ad money, just imagine – you're missing out on 10-100x revenue selling digital products).

Get my 10 best app ideas for you →


  • More transformation – Give your audience the tools to take daily action 

  • More attention – App users see your brand every day

  • More profits – Instantly sell digital products with massive profits & zero headaches

  • More sponsor money – Charge more for sponsorships when their logos get seen every day in your app

  • More ownership – Own your audience with email (we'll email your buyers for you)

  • More audience – Get cross-promoted to other EVO partners & attract new followers

  • More giving – Give a % of this new revenue stream to your charity of choice & I'll match it with scholarships you'll give away to your audience


Your own app. 14 days. Free. You in?

Before EVO, creating your own app was a headache, took six figures & six months minimum (usually more). For what? Something audiences expect for free & stop using as soon as the shine wears off.

EVO revolutionizes custom apps for influencers. It's an EVO, not an app – it's new, so it's worth whatever you tell your audience it's worth. Plus each EVO is actually a bundle of over 20 single premium apps. If a premium iOS/Android app costs $5, then 20 x $5 = $100 for less value than your EVO delivers.

Here's how it works👇



  • Day 1 – Call to clarify the vision & design 10 custom apps for your Special Edition EVO

  • Day 5+ – You test out version 1.0 & suggest tweaks

  • Day 8 – Call to design the launch strategy

  • Day 9+ – You test out version 1.1 & suggest final tweaks

  • Day 14 – You give final approval to launch

  • Day 15 – You promote your special link, we do everything else & pay you every month


I reward action takers & punish feet draggers. If you delay, you pay.

  • Launching your Special Edition EVO costs $10,000 US
  • Startup payment of $5,000 gets paid in advance to schedule the Day 1 call
  • If it launches on Day 15, you recoup the first $5k of profits
  • Plus I'll donate $1k of scholarships you'll give away to your audience to hype the launch
  • If you delay the launch, you pay me the 2nd payment of $5k on Day 15. No recoup for you. Ouch.

Sound fair enough? You opposed to moving forward?

Schedule a hassle-free call →


Different is better than better.

EVO is not like other iOS/Android apps. It's new. It's different. Here's how.

Old way = fail. If you've tried finding a "to do" app you love using for more than a week, you know the pain. You research 10, install 3 & put in all your to do's. After day 3 you realize it doesn't work quite right for your workflow & you stop using it. Time wasted. No results. Feel like a failure 😫

New way = win. Since EVO is built on top of the notion.so software platform, almost everything can be customized to perfection. Keep using it. Get results. Feel like a winner 😁

When you try it out you'll notice the awesome customizability comes with a caveat – it doesn't look as polished as most iOS/Android apps. True (did that stop Craigslist?). If that's a deal breaker, go pay six figures & launch your app next year (or never) .

The rest of us will be transforming lives & making money while you procrastinate chasing perfection.

  • Your Special Edition EVO gives users your digital tool box for success

  • Users can customize everything to fit their workflow

  • Users can add new Apps & Inspo Packs from EVO Store anytime

  • Users can share their transformation with EVOlive

Give them the new path to success→


Win bigger together

Oh and speaking of making money, YouTubers like Thomas Frank and Ali Abdaal make millions every year selling similar digital Notion templates & courses (it's a thing – YouTube it).

EVO gives you an instant new digital product revenue stream. If only 1% of your audience buys, you do the math. But usually it's 3x that number (at first – we keep in touch with email & sell more).

Already selling digital products like courses, etc.? Make more on every sale by offering your EVO as an upsell, downsell, cross-sell, order bump, etc.

Just selling books on Amazon? You're giving away the true gold of your business – your buyers. We help you instantly own your audience by emailing them special offers so when they're ready to buy, you're always one click away.

We also actively recruit affiliate partners to cross-promote your brand & EVO products to influencers with similar audiences so we all win bigger together.


Here's how our Power Partner affiliate program works 👇

  • You promote your special affiliate link and/or promo code

  • We do all the work to create, sell & service your EVO

  • You make 25% affiliate commission for every sale you generate

  • Each month's top 10% of partners earn an additional 10% commission

  • You get paid out monthly (after a 1 month refund period)

  • When you recruit your buddies as affiliates you earn an extra 5% on every sale they make (ie: a 2 tier affiliate program)

  • Write your own paycheck – the more you promote, the more you make

Make more [money] with less [work] →



Show > tell (with video lessons).

You know how you search YouTube to learn how to use that new tool you just got? That's what your EVO Master Class course is – guided video lessons so they get more results faster.

We presell the course in an exclusive Founders Bundle so we know enough people want it before we make it. We'll get on a zoom call & record you explaining your success system & how you use your EVO. The course will be less than 45 minutes so learners can jump in, jump out & get on with taking action.

Founders Circle buyers get access to a private group & help design the course. They get a massive discount in exchange for ongoing feedback & happy learner testimonial videos we'll use when we launch the improved course at a higher price point.

Later on, we'll consider future digital products like courses, paid memberships, etc. that would benefit your audience.

Your Master Class shows how to get more results faster →

Transform your audience (& bank account)

Let's do this together.

You've read how it works, right? Next, schedule a no-pressure call to see if there's a fit & we'll go from there. Talk soon – Daniel

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What can EVO help me with?

EVO is a personal productivity tool that helps you live better that is specifically designed to help you:

• Prioritize what matters most
• Reduce procrastination
• Minimize stress & overwhelm
• Increase productivity
• Live a legendary life

Is EVO a productivity app?

EVO is any personal development & productivity tool you need. The idea is to combine multiple tools into one app so that everything is in one place & you're more likely to actually use the tools & GET RESULTS.

How does EVO work?

EVO is technically a collection of "templates" to instantly customize the underlying software platform called notion.so (it's kind of a game-changer in the productivity software world, which is why millions of users trust it – and so do I).

It's simple to get started with EVO:

1. After checkout, you'll receive links to access the digital template files
2. Follow the link to create a free Notion account
3. Duplicate the digital template files into your Notion account
4. Start winning the day!

Will my EVO work offline?

Glad you asked! Short answer is no – it only works when you have internet access. This is because EVO is built on top of notion.so and better offline usability is a priority they are working on.

I've got a question. How can I get in touch?

Sure! I'd love to hear from you. Get in touch here.

Pricing & Payment

How much does it cost?

EVO is free to use forever with the starter plan. 

Buy new Apps & Inspo Packs to upgrade your EVO anytime. Pricing is as advertised.

Will I be charged taxes?

In most cases, taxes do not have to be charged.

How does the 30-day guarantee work?

It's simple – love it or leave it! I don't want you to make an uninformed decision and you won't know if it's a great fit for you until you try it. So you've got a whole 30 days to make sure it's perfect for you.

If you don't love – leave it! Get in touch and I'll refund your hard-earned money, no hassle and no hard feelings.

Ambassador Program

I love it! Can I get paid for sharing it?

YES! Check out our Ambassador Program & get sweet swag (our top partners get paid) when you share EVO with your friends & followers.

Got questions? Get in touch.

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