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EVO is the App Store for human transformation plus the expert guidance + community to become your best self – anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Get all the tools to transform in one place – whatever your goal, there's an app for that.

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"The world's greatest experts are failing us. If success is 1% learning & 99% doing, we need more tools not more teaching. If winning takes work, EVO is the 21st century tool box for personal mastery."

Daniel Bennett

Daniel Bennett, Founder


Attn: influencers, experts, authors & brands 👇

Give your audience a complete collection of digital transformation tools that go way beyond the book (& video).

Everything to create the new you

EVO is so much more than a curated collection of customizable productivity tools & proven systems to get things done. Your EVO is whatever you need to make every day your best day.











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Pursue Purpose

  • Dream Life Designers

  • Life Goal Planners

  • Bucket List Organizers

  • Strength Finders

  • Money Goal Trackers

  • Vision Boards

Think Clearly

  • Journals & Diaries

  • Inspiring Quotes

  • Motivating Images

  • Reflections

  • Challenges

  • Mood Trackers

Achieve Goals

  • Progress Dashboards

  • Goal Pursuit Planners

  • Task Organizers

  • Lists & Folders

  • Habit Trackers

  • Streak Counters

Life Balance

  • Maintenance Logs

  • Shopping Organizers

  • Relationship Journals

  • Meal Planners

  • Health & Fitness Logs

  • Calendars & Reminders

Work Smart

  • Project Management

  • Task Organizers

  • Money Trackers

  • Productivity Tools

  • Team Tools

  • Workflows

Improve Skills

  • Study Journals

  • Book Trackers

  • Practice Logs

  • Skill Notebooks

  • Organizers

  • Habit Trackers

Create More

  • Portfolios & Albums

  • Skill Notebooks

  • Creator Journals

  • Creative Prompts

  • Time Trackers

  • Vision Boards

Have Fun

  • Bucket Lists

  • Trip Trackers

  • Travel Planners

  • Adventure Journals

  • Memory Albums

  • Photo Galleries

Save Memories

  • Memory Journals

  • Photo Albums

  • Family Journals

  • Family Archives

  • Growth Trackers

  • Story Books

"The 100 Day Goal Journal made all the difference. Other apps don't keep your mind/eye on the prize. This helps me lock in by keeping the bigger picture on the horizon."


"Absolutely love this. Incredibly valuable and will seriously propel your dreams into reality."


"A life changer! Changed my life by enabling me to completely focus on a historic home renovation goal. It takes commitment, but it's soooo well worth it."


"This has to be one of the best goal accomplishment tools I've ever seen. It's a no nonsense approach that is easy to do and will keep you on track towards whatever goal you set."


"I put my mind to it and made sure I followed through. Today, I’m on day #20 and I’ve already collected nearly $2,000 raising money for sponsorship in my book!"


"What did I learn in these last 75 days? Well besides developing better habits, I learned I am in control. There’s time. There’s a way. You just have to freaking do it!"




Dream big, focus small & remember it all.

Ever feel lost, overwhelmed & unfocused? Tired of forgetting what matters most? Me too (until my journal literally saved my life twice! - read about it here & here). So I created EVO.

EVO helps simplify big dreams into tiny steps so you can stop waiting & start winning. If you've tried everything before, try one more – the new you deserves it.

Get all the things – your thoughts, memories, dreams, plans, grocery list, bucket list or anything else – out of your head & into your life at just the perfect time.

Start free forever with a Daily Dashboard app or grow with EVO Essential that includes the 10 most popular apps.

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"You know that rock bottom hopeless feeling? My first one came after my "idea junkie" addiction kept me stuck dreaming not doing – unclear, unfocused, unsure. Over 5 years I created the tools to transform my scars into strengths. With EVO, you'll transform too – & I'm here to help."

Daniel Bennett, EVO founder,



Everything you need for every thing.

Enhanced apps from the App Store upgrade your EVO with any type of notebook, journal, dashboard, planner, tracker, list, calendar & anything else you can imagine (and many more you can't).

Tired of productivity systems & apps that don't quite fit how you work? Deep customization options make your EVO a joy to use all day every day. EVO is powered by the platform, so go check out all it can do!

I drop new apps all the time so subscribe to the email to get early access and let me know what apps you want next!

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"That second time I almost died. 10am – best day ever. 11am – bleeding out, blacking out, alone. Wasn't my time to go, though. We aren't owed tomorrow so live fully today – no limits, no regrets. With EVO, you'll make every minute matter more."

Daniel Bennett, EVO founder,



See it. Believe it. Achieve it.

You are who you're with. Stay motivated with daily inspiration from your favorite heroes, personalities, interests & more.

Keep your EVO fresh with themed Inspo Packs that add new quotes, photos, graphics & more so it stays exciting to use forever and you get more results faster.

Email me what you want for the next Inspo Pack drops.

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"We all need a hero to show us what's possible, inspire us to push beyond our comfort zone, help us harness our superpowers. My heroes trained me to create a life I love. You will too – everything to be legendary is inside EVO (& already inside you)."

Daniel Bennett, EVO founder,



Share what matters most with EVOlive

No one transforms alone. EVOlive is your own personal page to share your transformation as it happens. Encouragement, accountability, support, competition – we're better together.

You choose what to share with whom – private things are for your eyes only, keep it close with invite-only friends, family & followers, or show it off world-wide.

EVOlive is the simplest blog, newsletter & community ever! Subscribers get notified of each new entry & you control who can comment on what you share.

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"To learn how to walk again, I needed a hero, a mental fitness coach – to share their struggles, show me what's possible, how to overcome. To not feel so alone. I found Marcus Aurelius's 2,000 year old journal Meditations. Now with EVO, you can read your hero's journal anytime & get coaching that goes way beyond the book."

Daniel Bennett, EVO founder,  



Learn from legends (and read their journals too).

Special Edition EVOs feature custom apps from your favorite influencers & brands. It's everything they use to win each day – and it'll work for you too. Get all their apps as a premium bundle or add their individual apps to your existing EVO anytime with the App Store.

Subscribe to their EVOlive to watch them do the work.

Attn: brands, authors & experts – don't let self help turn into shelf help. Your audience deserves more transformational tools than a PDF workbook.

EVO goes way beyond the book. It's the ultimate companion for human transformation brands, experts, authors, educators & more.

I'm always looking for more partners so check out to collab with us. Together we're creating the next greatest generation 🎖.

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"Remember – legends first live a life worth remembering. With EVO, you will."

Daniel Bennett, EVO founder,


EVO Tribe

Join an army of overcomers (not just another boring group)

Say goodbye to doomscrolling through your feeds. Share your daily wins with ambitious accountability buddies who will help you do more than you think you can. 




"In this moment, on this day, become the man you were born to be. You have it within yourself to write your own legend. Let it be to death, or victory!"

– Hercules


WARRIOR WISDOM: Everything To Win The Day

How can you not admire a man who said: "Know yourself, know your enemy – one hundred battles, you will never lose."

Sun Tzu.

Strapped on his first sword in 500 BC and spent the next 8 or so decades striking fear into the hearts of his enemies and fire into the hearts of the warriors he led into battle, conquering the known world on horseback.

This is for him. And you.

Warrior Wisdom: Everything To Win The Day. Gear up for today's battle with legendary lessons from 52 of the greatest heroes throughout history. A Daily Hero against-all-odds story for inspiration. An epic quote to get your mind right. A journal for your Meditations (Marcus will be proud). 100 Day Goal Pursuit planner. Fear Into Fuel challenge. Daily Discipline fitness & nutrition trackers. Much more.

Imagine who you’ll become. You’re in good company. 

  • Learn from the Cadre of 52 heroes throughout history

  • 10 Enhanced Apps, 10 Essential Apps, Quickstart Guide

  • 366 epic daily quotes, images + legendary lessons

Learn from legends every day

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You are what you think – get tips to turn dreaming into doing straight to your inbox a couple times a month. Plus you'll get early access to all the newest product drops as a little thank you 🙏. 

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What they're saying


"I lacked discipline! I lacked systems! I lacked attention to detail! I lacked consistency! But not anymore! :-). I can honestly say this pulled me through a nervous breakdown (separation) and totally saved my life. Not only that, it brought out the real peak performer inside me, and everyone around me has noticed. This feels like the most amazing gift I have ever given myself."


New York


"In the last 75 days I: 📚 read 5 books, 🙌🏼 lost 13 lbs, 💪🏽 Beat my own personal record with squats, leg press, and hiking times, 🤸🏽‍♀️ held a handstand for 1 second. Thank you for helping me get one step closer to my goals and 75 days closer towards my purpose in life."




"It has me hooked. All I can think about is starting the journey that’s going to change my life for the better. Going to make a better leader to my family. I’ll be able to teach them how to overcome the obstacles from what I’m going to learn by doing the 75 hard program."

Cary W.


from the tribe




Highly recommend

This helped me structure my life to achieve my biggest goal! Highly recommended for those who have a great idea but require some additional self discipline and structure.




Totally worth it!

If you are someone who aims to be the best version of themselves this is for you! Really helps get that project going. I was stuck for months. After starting this goal journal i stopped procrastination. It made it seem manageable. Otherwise I was in a state of overwhelm. Can’t recommend it highly enough.



Christopher R.

life changing!!

On day 52 of 75 Hard as I write this review. It has been a life changing program so far and put things into perspective. Great motivation to stick with the program to become the best version of yourself. I highly recommend reading it if you want to build discipline and mental toughness.



Rose W.


Wow! One of the best decisions my husband and I have made was do 75 HARD. Not only is this a “get up and quit feeling sorry for yourself”, but it’s to guide you through those mental tough times. My husband also got it for his sales team.



What can EVO help me with?

EVO is a personal productivity tool that helps you live better that is specifically designed to help you:

• Prioritize what matters most
• Reduce procrastination
• Minimize stress & overwhelm
• Increase productivity
• Live a legendary life

Is EVO a productivity app?

EVO is any personal development & productivity tool you need. The idea is to combine multiple tools into one app so that everything is in one place & you're more likely to actually use the tools & GET RESULTS.

How does EVO work?

EVO is technically a collection of "templates" to instantly customize the underlying software platform called (it's kind of a game-changer in the productivity software world, which is why millions of users trust it – and so do I).

It's simple to get started with EVO:

1. After checkout, you'll receive links to access the digital template files
2. Follow the link to create a free Notion account
3. Duplicate the digital template files into your Notion account
4. Start winning the day!

Will my EVO work offline?

Glad you asked! Short answer is no – it only works when you have internet access. This is because EVO is built on top of and better offline usability is a priority they are working on.

I've got a question. How can I get in touch?

Sure! I'd love to hear from you. Get in touch here.

Pricing & Payment

How much does it cost?

EVO is free to use forever with the starter plan. 

Buy new Apps & Inspo Packs to upgrade your EVO anytime. Pricing is as advertised.

Will I be charged taxes?

In most cases, taxes do not have to be charged.

How does the 30-day guarantee work?

It's simple – love it or leave it! I don't want you to make an uninformed decision and you won't know if it's a great fit for you until you try it. So you've got a whole 30 days to make sure it's perfect for you.

If you don't love – leave it! Get in touch and I'll refund your hard-earned money, no hassle and no hard feelings.

Ambassador Program

I love it! Can I get paid for sharing it?

YES! Check out our Ambassador Program & get sweet swag (our top partners get paid) when you share EVO with your friends & followers.

Got questions? Get in touch.

Want free stuff?

Couple ways to win a Legend Coin (aka gift card):

  • Send me a photo or video story of you being legendary – whatever that means to you.
  • Do a random act of kindness (bonus points if it's anonymous). You'll figure out how to show me.
  • Loving your EVO? Send me a video message.
  • Not loving something? Show me how to make it better.

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Hi, I'm Daniel Bennett – my mission is creating the next greatest generation.

I partner with real life legends & study heroes throughout history to inspire & empower the next greatest generation.


As a creator, entrepreneur and recovering perfectionist, I've battled fear every day of my life – fear of failure, fear of not being enough, fear of missing my life's purpose – and felt lost. I kept losing that battle until clarity – and almost dying – saved my life.

Now I'm helping heroes in training be 1% better than yesterday.

How will I help you?


Go ahead & read my EVOlive journal to try it out 👇

Last chance to be 1% better than yesterday.

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